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Providing Ultimate Customer Experience Through Hotel Technology

You will hear it a lot. World Cinema is a technology company. Why yes in retrospect we do create software and provide top-notch technology in hospitality, but we like to think of ourselves as an experience company. Whether it is providing streaming apps, mobile remote or fast internet to our customers their guests or residents, the ultimate ending factor is “Did the customer have a good experience?” WCI thrives in providing the ultimate customer experience through hotel technology.

Business 101 says “The customer is always right.” Majority of the time there is a piece of this that is left behind ensuring that great customer service is in fact being delivered. In this time, when there are so many brands for customers to think of, it is very important that we are memorable, keeping them for the long-run and earning their loyalty.

Customer experience as defined by Forrester, is “how customers perceive their interactions with your company.” When anyone thinks of customer service, they think Amazon, Nordstrom, Netflix. These companies are providing tools, easy communication and personalized options.

As a general manager of a hotel, it’s important that they focus on guest satisfaction and experience during their stay. Their goal is to provide a seamless experience, in hopes of a return stay at their property.

World Cinema is working 24/7/365 to ensure we are providing not only the best customer care we can, but creating an unstoppable customer experience through WorldVue and our other products. We look at customer satisfaction just as GMs look at guest satisfaction ratings.

WCI has put into place more ways to improve customer experience.

  • Communicate often. WCI is here for customers any day, at any hour.  Enhancing communication and quickly resolving issues, ultimately, helps improve customer satisfaction and trust. WCI WorldVue® Portal already comes with modern communication tools, to offer support to customers. Ultimately it enables property staff to offer better contactless communication to their guests.
  • Proactive outreach. Through WorldVue Portal by WCI, GMs, operations, engineering staff and even the front desk can provide a personal touch with guests. For example, once checked in, guests can receive a welcome message upon entering their room, right on their tv. Staff can also send personalized messages, through our guest messaging feature, directly to select rooms where applicable.
  • Mobile Enhancements. The key to creating an unforgettable customer experience starts with embracing mobile hotel technology solutions. Recently released, Mobile Remote by WCI provides a contactless solution for guests to control the television and any smart room devices.

Everyday WCI is developing, enhancing and releasing new technology to guests.

For more information on our technology, customer care center, or how we could support your property, visit Hotel GRE