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Technology trends shaping the future of hotels

Technology is a critical aspect for hotels in creating a superior guest experience, especially when customer expectations are rapidly changing. Learn more about technology trends that are shaping the future of hotels.

Expansion of contactless technology

The hospitality industry was quick to implement enhanced safety and hygiene procedures as a result of the pandemic, and many hotels will continue to build and improve these features in the years to come. As guest habits have changed, minimizing touchpoints through technology trends like mobile check-in and check-out as well as digital keys hotel properties will become more commonplace in the hotel industry.

Cashless payment methods, which were once seen as a connivence, are now seen as a necessity among many guests. The emergence of wearable technology and mobile wallets has expanded this area of technology, creating a demand for hoteliers to continue the trend by giving guests the ability to pay their bill online, or even through their televisions.

As the need to limit face-to-face interactions continues, service automation will be an expectation among guests. Through features like on-demand room and concierge services, hotels can help meet the evolving needs of guests, while also freeing up hotel staff. 

Hotel robots

It may feel hard to believe, but robots are well on their way to becoming the next big hotel technology trend. Cobotics technology is improving rapidly and many hotels have already deployed test runs in their properties.

One hotel brand who has tested the use of robots is Hilton, who recently implemented a concierge robot named Connie as its McLean Hotel in Virginia Beach. Connie is able to assist guests by answering questions and even suggesting nearby restaurants and attractions to explore.

Utilizing robots to greet guests, assist with housekeeping duties and even deliver room service is a technology trend that gives guests a second-to-none experience while alleviating the burden on hotel staff.

Internet of things (IoT)

As intelligent technology becomes more a part of our day-to-day lives, hotel guests have begun to expect this from hotels as well. IoT furthers hotel automation by giving guests the ability to control every aspect of their stay in the palm of their hand.

Smart room technology through IoT systems gives guests greater control over their environment by not only allowing them to digitally unlock their hotel room door, but control their lights, televisions, temperature and more. Through IoT solutions, hotels can reduce costs and streamline operations, providing properties with better insights. Hotels are looking to continue capitalizing on this technology to improve the overall guest journey over time.

Wi-Fi 6

While the world is buzzing about 5G, Wi-Fi 6 is much more relevant for hotel property owners. Wi-Fi 6 is a faster, more efficient connection than current wireless connectivity. When taking into consideration the number of devices guests have, the increase in speed and reduced stress on bandwidth is significant.

Beyond enhancing the guest experience, Wi-Fi 6 will assist hotels in faster wireless connectivity streaming, tablet and voice-activated devices. Properties can leverage the benefits of new advancements in wireless connectivity to drive positive guest reviews and repeat business.