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High-Quality Hotel TV Service Systems for Hospitality Businesses

Comprehensive IPTV, OTT, and connectivity solutions for a better hospitality service—schedule your free consultation today.

Today’s hotels need technology solutions to set themselves apart from other hospitality providers. Technology upgrades include advanced guest-room entertainment and personalized messaging designed to improve guest satisfaction. World Cinema helps hotel owners and managers exceed guest expectations.

Providing Quality TV for Hotels

World Cinema’s portfolio includes two comprehensive in-house entertainment and connectivity products for hotel and guest service businesses. These solutions provide high-quality IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) and OTT (Over-the-Top) offerings to millions of guests worldwide.


WorldVue® is our proprietary customizable in-room entertainment platform. Furthermore, our platform includes the following services:

  • Guest-Room Entertainment (GRE For Hotels)
  • Customizable Hotel Branding
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Property-Wide Wi-Fi

WorldVue offers guests their choice of content, including streaming services such as Netflix and Bluetooth®, available via their guest room television.

Additionally, guests can connect to the in-room entertainment system with their own devices through the World Cinema Mobile App.

WorldVue is a full-service television technology solution for hotels.


ImpruviX® delivers high-speed Wi-Fi to hotels and other multi-occupancy guest-centric properties.

Our customers include:

  • Bespoke Villages and Gated Communities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Multi-Dwelling Units

ImpruviX® offers enterprise-grade Wi-Fi capable of serving multifamily, B2B, and individual end-user customers.

World Cinema is unique because we customize the design and delivery of our proprietary solutions to ensure an excellent experience for our customers.

ImpruviX is the all-inclusive property management solution.

Top Benefits of Using a Hotel TV System

Guest satisfaction is the top priority of any accommodation-related business. Although hotel TV systems provide in-house entertainment as the primary function, they are also an excellent platform for advertising current offers and promos, upcoming events, and nearby tourist attractions that may interest guests.

Other tangible benefits of installing a TV hotel system include:

Guarantees Guest Satisfaction

Guests have come to expect in-room entertainment technology. Additionally, Hotel TV service is no longer the exception but the rule and forms a vital component in improving guest satisfaction significantly.

Allows for High Levels of Guest Engagement

Hotel TV systems increase guest engagement. Also, most hotel TV systems offer access to a wide range of live TV channels and on-demand films, presenting the hotel with opportunities for additional revenue.

In addition, this platform acts not only as an entertainment center but also as a way of providing informative and communicative services in both guests’ rooms and common areas. These TV systems are also convenient alert platforms in case of a safety breach or emergency.

Cultivates Guest Loyalty

Additionally, installing a hotel TV service can be a handy tool to gauge what your guests think about your brand. This “satisfaction tracking system” can record guest satisfaction levels in real-time, gathering guest opinions on the hotel facilities, services, personnel, and more.

Boosts Profits and Reduces Operational and Marketing Expenses

Furthermore, hotel TV systems can serve as convenient marketing tools for your establishment.

Our platform can:

  • Promote the hotel’s extras, e.g., restaurant, bar, organized events, wellness spa, or gym
  • Remind guests of the availability of these services during their stay
  • Advertise visiting entertainment acts to guests such as live bands
  • Inform guests of current promotions and offers

Overall, hotel TV services eliminate the need for separate marketing platforms, concentrating all marketing announcements, promos, and offers throughout the establishment on one central service.

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World Cinema ensures that guests are taken care of when they step foot on your property.

Since 1974, we have collaborated with leading hotels, as well as serviced apartments, gated communities, senior living, student housing, healthcare, and more to ensure that their guests remain suitably entertained and satisfied when they visit.

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